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Beijing Summer Palace – The Garden for Royalty

The Beijing Summer Palace is the epitome of unmatched beauty in the capital of China. Its unique landscaped terrains, beautiful flowers and deep history make it one of the most popular destinations for visitors touring the city. It is a combination of the best of all worlds and has exotic views of important places in the city.

The Beijing Summer Palace is located in the Haidian District somewhere in the North Western side of Beijing City. The Summer Palace Gardens has also been famously known as the Museum of Royal Gardens. And a tour through this place will tell you why. You will learn about its royal touch and exquisite beauty and will also want to stay longer and simply bask in its luxurious ambience. The Park happens to be the largest and most well preserved park in the whole nation. The history of the Summer Palace goes back to the 18th century when it was constructed as a resting place for royal families. Over the centuries that passed the garden for destroyed completely and rebuilt a number of times. It was only in 1924 that the park was open to public and since then it has been recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site. The park being the largest in the city occupies a gastronomic 300 hectares in which there are over 3000 man-made ancient structures which include massive buildings, tower pavilions and corridors.

The Summer palace can be divide into 4 primary areas; Front Hill, Court, Rear Hill and Lake Area. Each area has a treasure-trove of things to see and admire. The rich history and enchanting beauty that you will experience in each segment of the summer palace will make you want to come back to this place over and over again.

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