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Beijing International Kite Festival – When China’s skies get filled with kites

Beijing being the capital of China is renowned for its rich diverse culture and heritage. Its historical practices, rituals and festivals have become a major attraction among tourists and locals. Every year a vast number of spectators arrive at China to experience the unique festivals that are held all over the country. The Lantern Festival and Tomb Sweeping Ceremony are just a few of them. Another festival that would certainly draw your attention is the Kite Festival that is held in Beijing which is known to people all over the world. The Kite Flying Festival has been carried on for a period of over 100 years with the partaking of a large number of teams from throughout the globe.

 The fiesta comes to a start with a very vibrant opening ceremony which is made interesting with many dragon dances, kite displays and music. This international event is held in Ment Tou Gou and is featured with kites that date back to over a hundred years. The most beautiful and eye-catching kite is the kite of the Chinese Dragon which is made of vivid colors in the perfectly shaped figure of a dragon. The other types of kites you would set your eyes on are the parafoil, butterflies, kites with the bamboo whistle and kites showing the beautiful crafts of the talented kite flyers.

You would simply be amazed with the truly striking view of so many kites high up in the sky at the same time. It is a spectacular event which happens with peace and harmony with hard team work where at the end you get to enjoy yourself with the fellow participants. This annual function held in Beijing brings together a number of countries from every corner of the world to promote peace and unity among the countries and indeed it shows off the continuing traditions of the Chinese community. On your visit to Beijing, accommodate yourself in a Beijing Luxury Hotel which is closer to the venue of the festival and one of the ideal options would be Grand Millennium Beijing. It would be a great City Hotel Beijing which would give you quick access to the Kite Festival.

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