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Christmas Celebrations in Beijing

A picture of religious refinement and spiritual serenity, Beijing has and always been and continue to be a city that has a past worth bragging about. Since the beginning of human civilization, Chinese culture and religious beliefs have undergone subtle changes but the very essence of their traditional beliefs still remain. Now a high profile player on the global economic scene, Beijing still possesses the amazing ability to nurture emerging talent while retaining its ancestral values at the same time. Decorated with just the right amount of magnificent palaces and glorious temples, this giant of the orient is the pride of cultural China.

China has warmed up to embrace the liberalist views of the western world. Once the symbol of capitalism, China is now traveller friendly and a haven for tourists from around the world. During the season of joy and giving Beijing breathes new life and transforms into a snowy world rich with the spirit of Christmas. City streets are lined with snow covered walkways and Santa hats are on sale at street boutiques.

Christmas in Beijing brings together caroling groups who walk along the modestly decorated city streets in search of hotels where they can celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ through song. Hotels and shopping centers also embrace this festive season as they promote various deals and offers during the festivities. The spirit of Christmas is never fully felt until a mouthwatering golden turkey is waiting to be carved at your dinner table. While in Beijing you have the luxury of choosing from a multitude of fine restaurants where you will feel the spirit of Christmas literally lift you up.

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