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Ella Travel Guide – what to expect

Famous for the waters that beckon its shores, Sri Lanka has more than sandy beaches to offer. As one progresses inland the country’s terrain rises to kiss the skies. One of such effortlessly breath taking town in the central hills is Ella. The natural beauty of the small town remains unspoiled. The serene atmosphere, the stunning views through the gaps of Ella are priceless.

However many visitors have started exploring this once isolated town. Sri Lanka also has a reputation for being a destination for a perfect romantic getaway , Honeymoon hotels in Sri Lanka have also been fast growing in numbers. One that has managed to stand out among many others is 98 Acres Resort & Spa. Over looking some of the most scenic mountains of Sri Lanka the resort offers comfortable yet close nature accommodation.

There are many ways to get to this hill town , one of the highly recommended options would be to take a train ride to Ella , the journey to Ella is truly magnificent , passing many lush green tea plantations, picturesque mountains , cascades of water flowing down in full glory down tall mountains and some of the flora and fauna are things to look out for.

Most make their way up to this hill town mostly for the great views it has to offer, on a clear night one can observe as far as the Southern Cost of Sri Lanka and could spot some of the light houses that stand tall here. Ella is also a perfect place for hiking as many people. One of the most visited places in Ella include Little Adam’s Peak, not a long climb either , the path way leading to the top is made of concrete stairs and this is a must visit if you want to catch a glimpse of the best of Ella. Ravana Ella is another famous water fall in the Ella area and the Ella gap water fall too is one of the frequently visited places in Ella. Ella is one of the places to be visited if you plan to get away from the beaches.

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