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Fun Facts to Know About Beijing – Exploring the East

One of the booming cities of the East, Beijing, is visited by thousands of visitors from across the planet annually for varying purposes. With the growth and advancements in the economy of China, the capital has been a magnet for attracting various travellers coming in with various interests. Beijing serviced apartments have served as a home away from home for most of those who have set foot in Beijing. A popular choice among visitors to the city for both leisure and business alike has been, Ascott Raffles City Beijing. Offering stylish luxury within the convenience of an apartment complex, the property also features modern comforts.

There are various things to do around Beijing. Some of the fun things to do in Beijing are listed below.

One of the things to do is take a bike around Beijing. There are an estimated nine million bikes around Beijing. There are several places that rent bicycles and this is a great way to explore the city, even if you get lost a few times, it all adds to the experience.

Trekking the “Wild Wall” is a not to be missed activity if in China. The closest bit to Beijing is Badaling, which is always filled with visitors. There are various guided tours offered to take you through the history of the wall.

Another not to miss thing to check out while in the Chinese capital is the Beijing acrobats. The Beijing Opera features theatrical and distinct voices as well as intricate make up. The capital’s acrobatic history goes way back in time. They feature mind blowing juggling, cycling, contortion as well as great balancing acts.

Some of the other things to do while here is to check out the Forbidden City, enjoy a traditional Chinese massage and perhaps a visit to the antique market.


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