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Great Bell Temple – Get a closer look at China’s largest bell

The mighty capital of China draws over four million visitors each year, all eager to discover the wonders of the Far East. The centrally located Somerset Zhong Guan Cun Beijing provides an ideal base in a city which holds as many ancient attractions as it does modern ones. Accommodation options are many in this fast paced metropolis, which is home to the Forbidden City complex and Tiananmen Square. A serviced apartment in Beijing maybe just what you need to give you the comfort of home with the luxuries of a hotel.

The Great Bell Temple is located on the outskirts of Beijing. Once known as the Juéshēng Temple, it was a famous place of worship for the Qing emperors during times of drought to pray for rain. Today, the temple houses the biggest bell in China, in its Bell Museum. It stands 6.75 m tall and weighs 46.5 tonnes. The Ming Emperor Yongle ordered the bell to be cast six hundred years ago after winning a coup to take power. It carries incantations that are inscribed both inside and out. An ancient tablet which stands beside it, states that The Emperor hoped, by striking the bell to divert the public’s attention from his misdeeds. The bell has been designed to emit a clear, sweet sound when struck lightly and a deeper more resounding sound when rung purposefully. On a quiet night it can be heard as far as fifty kilometers away. The bell is now rung once a year on Luna New Year’s Eve. Its many distinct features have earned it the name ‘King of Ancient Bells’.

Today, the temple takes its name from the giant Yongle Bell, which is its main attraction. The Ancient Bell Museum, which opened in 1985, now houses thirty one bronze bells from the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties along with several bells from foreign countries.Many other historic artifacts are also on display. The museum is open to the public from Tuesday to Sunday from 9 am to 4.30pm.


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