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Historical Sites in Beijing: Monuments of National Importance

Whilst having the honour of being the capital city of the People’s Republic of China, Beijing is of great national and historical importance. The city’s history is long and rich for it is said to span over 3000 years and has witnessed the rise and fall of many dynasties such as Ming, Yuan and Qing dynasties which helped shape China’s national identity. These historical changes can still be witnessed by tourists at various monuments and temples in and around Beijing and perhaps the most well known site is the Great Wall, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Built over 2000 years ago, the Wall stretches over 600 kilometres is made of stone and brick and is well preserved in most areas. Apart from being symbol of national pride, the Wall is evidence of the strength and perseverance of the citizens of the country.

Another UNESCO World Heritage Site in the city that must be visited is Tiananmen located in the heart of the city and built during the Ming Dynasty. This symbol of Beijing was destroyed twice by war and fire and rebuilt during the Qing Dynasty. The Tiananmen Square is like no other Square in the world and is often used to celebrate national events and hosts a number of parades throughout the year.

Another historical site is the Forbidden City whose ancient architecture makes it a worthwhile place to visit. The Forbidden City was a Palace during the Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty and has nearly 10, 000 rooms. Even though it was initially built in the 15th century, most of its remains echo the architectural styles of the Qing Dynasty as the Palace was burnt down and rebuilt multiple times.

Other attractions in Beijing that a person should visit when in the city are Shijing Mountain where a large number of stone tablets inscribed with Buddhist scriptures can be seen. In addition, visiting the Summer Palace would also be worthwhile for it is the largest royal garden in the country. The garden is home to over 3000 pavilions and buildings and demonstrates the union of feudal landscaping practices and Chinese gardening styles.
The city is filled with a number of locations brimming with cultural and historical importance and should be frequented if you are in the city. For tourists, it would be convenient to opt for Beijing serviced apartments as an alternative to hotel accommodation due to its capability to provide comfort, security and most importantly, privacy. Somerset ZhongGuanCun Beijing, found in the heart of Silicon Valley, is an ideal serviced apartment in Beijing to reside in as its location ensures quick access to a number of monuments and attractions of national importance.

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