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Jingshan Park – Scenic Relaxation in the Beijing Hilltops

Through several dynasties Beijing has been a chief city in China and as a result it is full of amazing historical sites, making it one of the best places for travellers to visit. A site the country is well known for is the Forbidden City and thousands visit this famous attraction where they can admire the majesty of ancient China. Yet facing the Forbidden City is another Beijing attraction that visitors can enjoy. This is the Jingshan Park, located on the artificially made Jingshan Hill. The hill boasts beautiful scenery, and has five peaks; its uppermost point is the highest point in all of Beijing.

Jingshan Park was originally an imperial park and though it existed throughout the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties it was only opened to the public in more recent times. The park is mostly visited for the view it offers of the Forbidden City; from some points most of the city will be clearly visible. Visitors can also enjoy a view of the Bell and Drum Towers and the White Dagoba Temple from the site. On each of the five peaks there is a pavilion built by past rulers, where they made offerings to their ancestors, or honoured various figures. There were once five symbolic statues of Lord Buddha in the pavilions which were unfortunately lost during times of war.

As it was once frequented by Chinese Royalty, Jingshan Park is a very picturesque place to visit. There are various fruit trees that were planted in ancient times and today it is famous for the large amount of Peony Roses that grow on its landscapes along with many other varieties of flora, which will amaze visitors when these flowers are in bloom. In the 230,000 square metres that make up the park there are several spots where one will be able to relax, and despite its central location it is shielded from the activity in the city. On site there are exhibitions of authentic Chinese performances to watch and activities to partake in, which make a visit to Jingshan Park a truly worthwhile experience.

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