Beijing Antique Market – For the love of all things old

Locally known as Panjiayuan” the famous Beijing Antique Market is a vast area of fascinating things. The market covering an area of 48,500 square meters consists of nearly 10,000 dealers allowing the visitors much land to explore. One should certainly reserve one of the many serviced apartments in Beijing to rest one’s limbs at the end of a day and this should not be an issue since Ascott Raffles City Beijing offers delightful serviced apartments Beijing is quite proud of at the very heart of the city. The market is divided into several areas, each dedicated to statues, antique furniture, books and scrolls, Buddhist statues, paintings and the like making for hours and hours of delightful wandering. You never know what you will come across here as these merchants harbour many surprises, especially for those in love with the glorious days of the past.

Jayani Senanayake is a writer who dabbles in travel and all things exotic. Under the pseudonym of Calliope Sage, she writes of the allures that must simply be discovered. Google+