Visit the Gulou and Zhonglou, Beijing (Drum Tower)

Regent Beijing is one of the classiest Luxury Hotels in Beijing that one would come across. The combination of Asian hospitality with modern comforts makes this hotel one of the best 5 Star Hotels Beijing offers. A great combination of history and architecture in Beijing is the towers of Gulou and Zhonglou.

The drum tower (Gǔlóu ) and the bell tower (Zhōnglóu) are two amazing structures that dominated Beijing’s ancient skyline. The drum tower was initially built for musical reasons even though it is nothing more than a tourist attraction in the modern days. Drums and bells were considered as the major types of musical instruments in ancient China. These towers were center of Chinese chronology during the early times. After being used for musical purposes the towers worked as time pieces for both the government and common people.

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