Performing Arts at Beijing Playhouse – Bring out the Shakespeare in you

Presenting English Language performances to China’s capital Beijing, The Performing Arts playhouse is a favourite among theatre goers in this city. Having presented remarkably talented artists to the world and some great productions, which included Remakes of Romeo Juliet and Christmas Carol, the theatre has long been the place to visit to admire fine arts. The passion and talents of the casts and crew of these productions are at the heart of Beijing Playhouse’s success.

Each year plenty of people volunteer to be a part of these amazing productions. They are welcomed in the capacity of stage managers, costume designers, lighting technicians and directors of plays. This volunteer driven English community theatre succeeds in Beijing, because of the talent and passion of the cast and crew. Behind every production are over 100 cast and crew, who contribute to assemble beautiful theatrical performances for the English speaking Chinese community and the expatriates.

The playhouse also hosts kids’ theatre camps, weekend stage shows and Broadway shows hosted at various schools across the city. It also promotes parents to advocate active imagination through their weekend stage theatre camps. Every Saturday the Beijing play house teaches the triple threat of theatre which is acting singing and dancing to enthusiastic kids while they are also exposed to backstage details of a great production such as costume designing and prop making. Apart from this, it hosts corporate staff trainings that encourage corporate workers to challenge themselves and be dynamics in their dealings while evolving to be better public speakers.

A great place to unwind and watch some great performances, there’s always something on at Beijing’s favourite performing arts house. Book your theatre tickets early when you plan your visit to Beijing, and avoid being disappointed with last minute sold out signs. Stay at serviced apartments Beijing located close to the foundation if you are participating in any of the activity and enjoy the convenience of hopping in an out of your comfort zone. Luxury Executive Apartments are beautiful complex of serviced apartments in Beijing that provide star class services and a host of other conveniences within its elegantly decorated apartments.

Pushpitha Wijesinghe is an experienced independent freelance writer. He specializes in providing a wide variety of content and articles related to the travel hospitality industry.