Working People’s Cultural Palace

The Working People’s Cultural Palace, located towards the east of Tiananmen Square and along the Forbidden City, is among the best public parks situated in Beijing. Originally in the area where the park is located were old temples belonging to the Qing and Ming dynasties. Emperors during this era used these temples to pray for their ancestors by offering sacrifices.
During the early 1920’s the park was opened to the public and was named the Peace Park. Later the Palace Museum, formerly known as the Forbidden City, took over the park. When the People’s Republic was created it was decided that this open space should be given to the working people of the country so that their cultural activities can be arranged at this venue. It was only in the year 1950 that it was officially handed over to the General Labour Union of Beijing by the Palace Museum, and renamed the Working People’s Cultural Palace by Chairman Mao. Since then it has functioned as the place for recreation for the labourers based in Beijing. 
Visitors to this park can explore the rich cultural heritage of the country as well as the modern history of the country and how the Imperial rule changed to democracy. One of the main attractions here is the Imperial Ancestral Temple, which was constructed in 1420 during the Ming Dynasty. It has been renovated several times through history and stretches across nearly 100,000 square metres. This temple is surrounded by three red walls and it also boasts about 700 odd ancient cypresses. Other fascinating sights are the Jade-studded Belt Bridges – seven arcs made out of white marble, the hexagon pavilion, and the three halls – Hall of Worshiping Ancestors, Bedroom Hall, and Tiaomiao Temple.

Visitors can also experience the various exhibitions held regularly at this venue. And it also hosts bigger events such as musical concerts for large audiences. For those keen on exploring the great sights in the city, the Forbidden City hotels should be chosen according to the location. For a Beijing hotel providing luxury accommodation options with easy access to all the attractions try the Peninsula Beijing.