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Beijing Zoo – wild fauna up close

The Beijing Zoo was created in 1906 and opened for public viewing in 1908 with an area of only 10 hectares and a few modest pavilions to accommodate the animals. At that time only a few dozen species such as lions, tigers and monkeys were there. Now the Beijing Zoo covers an area of about 50 hectares and is world famous for its Giant Pandas.

Originally named ‘The Ten Thousand Animal Garden’, the zoo is located in the Xicheng District in Beijing City. The Zoo was initially an imperial mansion during the time of the Ming Dynasty. Animals were raised and plants were cultivated at the zoo during the Qing Dynasty, when it was the ‘Prince Foot Kang Ann Mansion.’ After the initiation of the People’s Republic of China however, it was reconstructed and has developed rapidly and today, the zoo houses over 7,000 creatures of 600 different species from all over the world.

Like many parks in Beijing, sectors of the zoo have the unique aesthetics of traditional Chinese gardens. The total grounds comprise of landscaped flower gardens with vast expanses of scenic beauty, including dense greenery, stretches of lawn, a small water stream, lotus ponds and little hills scattered with quaint pavilions.

The Beijing Zoo primarily exhibits wild and indigenous animals of China. The most popular exhibits are the Giant Pandas, but other popular inhabitants include Manchurian tigers, white-lipped deer, as well as kangaroos from tropical Australia, and African zebras. The aquariums as well as the Reptile House that showcases specimens of over 100 species, including crocodiles and pythons are also a popular attraction among the visitors.

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