• Dixia Cheng – A city underground…

    Dixia Cheng – A city underground

    Ever visited a city under another city? Dixia Cheng is just that! It is an underground city that served as a bomb shelter, connecting a network of tunnels beneath Beijing, China. It has been transformed into a tourist attraction and … Continue reading

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  • Beijing Underground City…

    Beijing Underground City

    Having served as a bomb shelter for over 20 years, Beijing Underground City lies right beneath the capital’s downtown area. Officially opened for visitors back in 2000, the underground city consists of a special network tunnels and is one of … Continue reading

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  • Jingshan Park- A Man-made Haven…

    Jingshan Park- A Man-made Haven

    Situated in Beijing, Jingshan Park is a man-made hill in china. This artificial hill was built during the Ming Dynasty. There was an extensive use of manual labour and animal power in building this artificial hill and this is a … Continue reading

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  • Top 5 attractions of Beijing…

    Top 5 attractions of Beijing

    A blend of the old and the modern, Beijing is an acclaimed tourist destination owing to its numerous cultural and historical attractions. The unrivalled top attraction in the city is the Great Wall of China, followed by the sprawling Forbidden … Continue reading

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  • Temple Of Heaven – Built For The Gods Of Good Harvest!…

    Temple Of Heaven – Built For The Gods Of Good Harvest!

    During the Second Opium war, the Temple of Heaven was occupied by the Anglo French Alliance. Most wars fought in Beijing have seen the temple playing host to many of its troops. The time of this occupation saw much damage … Continue reading

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  • Xiushui Street Shopping – Testing Your Bargaining Skills!…

    Xiushui Street Shopping – Testing Your Bargaining Skills!

    Also known as the Silk Market, Xiushui Street offers plenty of fun retail therapy for those looking for a more lively shopping experience. The street is where you can find a wide array of silk products as well as imitation … Continue reading

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Tips for travelling to China on Business – For a stress-free travel experience!

China is a popular business destination every year thousands of business professionals travel to China to secure business deals and to investigate new ventures. Read on to know about a few useful tips that would make your travel experience hassle-free. … Continue reading

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Dujiangyan Panda Base – Learn about Panda Conservation

The Dujiangyan Panda Base situated in Qingchengshan Town, 18 km from Dujiangyan City. To the north, it is framed by Mount Qingcheng a holy Taoist mountain. To the south is an ancient town in the Sichuan province. An Overview The … Continue reading

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A Visit to Tiananmen Square, Beijing – A Part of China’s Rich History

An iconic attraction in China, Tiananmen Square in Beijing is very much a part of the country’s history and heritage. Dating back to the Ming Dynasty, it offers an enriching experience for those who visit. Planning Your Visit This attraction … Continue reading

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