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Temple Of Heaven – Built For The Gods Of Good Harvest!

During the Second Opium war, the Temple of Heaven was occupied by the Anglo French Alliance. Most wars fought in Beijing have seen the temple playing host to many of its troops. The time of this occupation saw much damage done to the buildings and the garden. The temple was robbed of most artefacts that were once part of this amazing complex and the whole site was greatly neglected during this time. 
It was once the main shrine that emperors would go to pray for a good harvest. The hall that was used is a circular building built with a marble floor and wooden pillars. The original building suffered destruction due to a fire that erupted due to lightning in 1989 and was rebuilt several years after.

In ancient China, this temple was regarded as a holy place of worship where the emperor who was believed to be the Son of Heaven would offer alms to the gods dressed in special robes while performing rituals that yearned for a good harvest. The ceremony needed to be performed to perfection in order for the harvest to be fruitful.

You would see old Chinese architecture and the finest work of art at this site. Interested to learn more on ancient china and its beliefs? The Temple of Heaven is sure to awe you with its majesty and its rich history. It gives you a chance to discover the city’s rich heritage which is very much a part of the local culture.
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