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Central Business District – the embodiment of a booming economy

CBD – Central Business District – is the hub of Beijing’s commercial, financial and media operations, extending over an area of nearly 4 sq km towards the east of the city center, between 3rd and 4th Ring roads. As Beijing is the capital of China, the CBD was set aside as a commercial hub in 1993 and since then is undergoing a substantial development, adding more and more skyscrapers and futuristic outlines to its skyline, becoming the epitome of China’s booming economy.

CBD nestles government offices, business and media firms as well as posh residential and shopping areas within its locality, claiming to some of the prominent landmarks such as Fortune Plaza, Beijing Yintai Centre, Beijing TV Centre, CCTV Headquarters Jing Guang Centre and China World Trade Centre Tower 3.

Its major developments boasts of CCTV (China Central Television) headquarters – with its most unique façade rising up to 234m with 51 floors, which was completed in 2008 in addition to the Fortune Plaza reaching 260m with 63 floors – serving as a complex for business offices and upscale residential apartments, which is currently under construction.

Statistically the Central Business District of Beijing houses 3000 business firms encompassing 500 multinational companies, 600 foreign branches as well as 150 financial companies. What’s more CBD now claims to have 117 ‘Fortune 500’ business firms spanning across industries such as financial, IT and media among others. There are also a number of foreign embassies located in CBD and its surrounding areas.

Among the many skyscrapers adorning its skyline, the China World Trade Centre Tower 3 is the most prominent, claiming to be the tallest building of Beijing with a height of 330m housing 74 floors, 4 underground floors as well as 30 elevators. It was completed in early 2009 as per the 3rd phase development of China World Trade Centre complex. This imposing high rise will house an extensive office complex, a 5-star hotel with 270 rooms and a grand ballroom that can accommodate 1,600 people.

If you choose one of the strategically located luxury hotels in Beijing such as the Grand Millennium Beijing, you will have the privilege of capturing the enthralling panoramic scene of CBD skyline silhouetted against the warm hues of the setting sun. You can also savor the succulent cuisines served at these luxury hotels of Beijing in the Central Business District while relishing your stay at this dynamic and prosperous city of Beijing in China.

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