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China Golf Show 2011, a delight for the golf enthusiast

The esteemed China Golf Show held annually in Beijing has achieved the status of a major international sporting show. The show acts as a showpiece for the Chinese golf industry, bringing together a multitude of exhibitors, including domestic and international suppliers and service providers. A wide spectrum of attendees comprising club managers, professionals, merchandise retailers and distributors, course superintendents, development specialists and golf aficionados from across China are present at the show.

The show, recognized as the most significant platform for the Chinese golf industry, is the premier golfing trade event in the vast nation. The event enjoys the support of the China Golf Association and acts as a bridge between the international and Chinese golfing industries.

For the 2011 edition of the event an expansive show surpassing all previous instances is planned; as this year marks the 10th anniversary of the extravaganza organizers are determined to mark the occasion with an exceptional display. The ambition of the organizers is to present the best showpiece in China with regard to the sport and to create a world-class event that will rival similar shows around the world. It is the wish of the organizing committee, consisting of highly regarded individuals in the Chinese golfing industry, to extend the scope of the groundbreaking show still further, making it still more popular amongst the golfing fraternity, and improving communications and relations with exhibitors.

The China Golf Association is the most recognized golfing body in the nation, created to represent professionals and amateurs and the myriad of workers in the sport who contribute to its success in China. It aims to guide the development of the sport in the country and to create and maintain ties with golfing associations across the globe.

In recent years China has emerged as a significant tourist destination, attracting a multitude of visitors from around the world with its culturally significant cities, historic buildings and the natural wonders of its picturesque landscape. The creation of golfing facilities in the nation has attracted attention from enthusiasts worldwide.

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