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Dining Hotspots in Beijing – From Imperial Court Food to Steaming Hotpot

Beijing, the capital of China was also one of the four great Chinese capitals in the past and nestles countless cultural and historical tourist attractions. The famous Forbidden City, many imperial gardens and a portion of the Great Wall of China are nestled in Beijing.

The city is not all about sightseeing attractions. You will also come across numerous dining hotspots in Beijing, where you can taste the oriental culinary art first hand. Here you will discover a great variety of authentic Chinese dishes, traditional snacks and treats representing all parts of the country as well as Beijing. Apart from the usual Chinese cuisines, Beijing has its own irresistible delicacies and specials popularly known as Beijing Cuisines.

Beijing offers thousands of restaurants giving you a sea of choices to pamper your taste buds. One of the best Beijing Cuisines is the local favourite Beijing Roast Duck that comes in a golden brown crispy crust wrapping the succulent meat. Also known as the Peking Roast Duck, it is available at most restaurants. To indulge in this gourmet treat from the specialists of Roast Duck, drop by the restaurants Bian Yi Fang and Quanjude.

Another popular Beijing delicacy is the steaming Hotpot which is ideal for all seasons, especially during the cold winter. Restaurants in Beijing offer the Hotpot in two varieties, Sichuan Hotpot and the Mongolian Hotpot. Usually a hotpot is where a meat is added to a soup base and cooked at the dining table itself. By using different ingredients and producing appetizing aromas, the hotpot becomes an irresistible choice. For Mongolian Hotpot you can try the Dong Lai Shun and the Neng Ren Ju, and for Sichuan Hotpot the best place to visit is Jin Shan Cheng.

Being on a par with the splendour of majestic imperial palaces and gardens, Beijing offers you a greatest imperial experience through Beijing Imperial Court Food. In the olden days it was exclusively a luxury treat for the royalty, yet now almost anyone can enjoy these sumptuous cuisines. One of their ultimate cuisines is the Manchu-Han Courses which includes over 180 hot and cold dishes accompanied by fruits and desserts. These luxury courses are covered in three days through six meals and are offered at the exclusive Tingliguan and Fangshan restaurants.

There are myriads of traditional and exotic food served in Beijing. The Snack Street in Beijing is a paradise of snacks and they are packed with traditional snacks made from soy beans and glutinous rice.

Not only the local dishes, but you can also indulge in an assortment of food originating from many parts of the world. They vary from African to American, Indian to European as well as Korean, Malaysian, Middle Eastern, Mexican, Japanese among others. There are also restaurants for vegetarians with a wonderful assortment of choices.

Have the luxury of savouring authentic Beijing Cuisines and palatable cosmopolitan dishes at various dining hotspots in Beijing. Make a Beijing hotel reservation to gain quick access to scores of Beijing tourist attractions. A Beijing hotel such as Traders Upper East Hotel, Beijing is a good choice for finding cosy accommodation. This hotel sits in the heart of Beijing near China International Exhibition Centre and other key business venues and is ideal for business travellers. While exploring the splendour of this historical city do not forget to relish a gastronomic adventure in Beijing.

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