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Get to know about the weather of Xian – Be prepared for the showers that go along with the historic sites

The great city of Xian, capital of the Shaanxi Province, is located in central north western China and has a Continental Monsoon Climate. There is plenty of rain throughout the year but winter seasons are usually dry. Xian isleading the way in China’s Western Development Drive Program, a project to upgrade the country’s Western Region. Progress has been made to promote tourism with modern, convenient facilities, like star class accommodation in Xian.

Beginning June 2014, the city brought in a 72-Hour Visa-Free Policy to allow passport holders from fifty one countries a three day stay without a visa. Passengers transiting through Xianyang Airport can make use of this great opportunity, book a stay at the conveniently located Citadines Gaoxin Xi’an and explore the city’s wonders. Xian bears much evidence of the greatness that lies in the country’s history. Xian was once known as Chang’an, which translates to eternal city. It is believed to be one of the birthplaces of the first Chinese civilization, in the vicinity of the Yellow River. It went on to become the eastern terminal for trade on the Silk Route. The monumental Terracotta Army of the Qin Dynasty can also been seen at the museum here. This type of indoor sightseeing activity is recommended for summer months when the searing heat comes in.

Late spring brings warm sunshine, cool breezes and cherry blossoms that light up Green Dragon Temple. It is also the ideal weather for climbing Lishan Mountain. The City Wall Marathon, which has been an annual event since 1993, is held in early November. Cooler weather during this time calls for long sleeves and layers. In January, the coldest month of the year; look out for a sprinkling of snow, which makes the South Gate of Xian City Wall particularly picturesque. The cold, dry weather requires lots of water to prevent dehydration. The Lantern Festival regularly held on Xian City Wall is truly the highlight of the winter season.

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