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Peking Man Site – Footsteps of ancestors

The Peking Man Site offers the chance to experience the early civilisations of the Chinese nation for any individual. Based in Zhoukoudian, this wonder of nature has been included in the World Heritage List without a contest, in 1987.

The Peking Man Site gives solid evidence that the humans existed and used primitive tools 750,000 years ago, and now has the vestiges of the way they lived their lives in the Palaeolithic Age. A walk around the site will expose you to an overwhelming feeling of belonging as these are the ancestors of our race. It is a chance of a lifetime to have a firsthand look at the beginnings of evolution.

The excavations throughout the years revealed many forms of fossils and other materials that are currently artefacts. However, the most infamous findings are the Peking Man fossils itself. There were more than 200 human fossils, weapons and gear made out of stone, about 200 pieces of individual animal species and even a few layers containing residue of ash proving that fire has been in use by the premature humans. Most of the discoveries were lost when the Japanese occupied Beijing in 1941 and were never recovered.

There are a few debated thoughts about whether this is time and place when apes evolved into human form, as the shape of the skulls found has a slight resemblance to the ape skull. Judging by the observations, some conclusions have been drawn about the physical sense of the early man. The race as a whole was shorter than the current human, with males being about 5.1 feet and women about 4.9 feet. About 68% of them died before reaching 14 years of age and only about 4.5% was able to live for more than 50 years old.

A stroll through the area will expose you to the many discoveries of the Peking Man Site. It will give insight to how they cooked, hunted, what they used as shelter, what animals were around and give you the chance to step in the same stones that the early man had stepped on.

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