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Peking University, a premier seat of learning

Peking University has the distinction of being one of China’s foremost institutions of higher learning.  Its attractive campus, which is called ‘Yan Yuan’ or ‘Garden of Yan’ is located in Bejing’s western suburbs in Haidian District. It is located in proximity to the Summer Palace and the Yuanmingyuan Garden.
The university has focused on an effective combination of research on significant scientific disciplines with the comprehensive training of individuals so that they will possess a high standard of professional level skills and specialized expertise. The institution aims not just for continuous improvement in research and teaching, but also for the effective development of mutual interaction and progress amongst the different disciplines.

Through these initiatives Peking University has acquired the status of being a centre for research and instruction. It has consolidated a reputation as a modern university which encompasses diverse disciplines of learning such as basic as well as applied sciences, humanities and social sciences, as well as the scientific disciplines of management, medicine and education.

Presently the institution features in excess of 20 departments which offer no less than 60 majors.  The university boasts a highly qualified and accomplished faculty with many staff members holding distinguished positions in prestigious academic bodies. Of the approximately 2,000 faculty staff and researchers, there are 140 professors as well as 400 associate professors. Amongst the student body of 10,000 there are 600 graduate level students and 200 foreign students from 39 nations.

The university is very much involved in international cultural exchanges and mutual cooperation with foreign universities. Foreign scholars and teachers are regularly invited to attend academic and research projects; the Beijing University Journal, teaching materials and books are exchanged with over 60 universities in foreign countries.

The expansive campus, formerly a section of imperial parkland, is a delightful location for study. The Shaoyan garden, constructed in the Ming Dynasty, is landscaped in typical southern Chinese fashion. Meanwhile the Weiming Lake area is a much-loved spot for quiet reflection and study.

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