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Temple of Heaven Park – A Beijing Attraction

Located in a busy Chinese urban setting, this park is an escape from the flurry and is a place that offers peace and tranquillity.


The temple was built to be used as a stage on which the emperors would perform their solemn rites, but over the years, it became an altar for prayers that asked for a good harvest year and sometimes, even an apology. Though it goes by the name, Temple of Heaven Park, it is not a typical setting that you would find in temples as there are no burning incense sticks or parishioners. Within the park, you can find many prayer halls and structures that symbolise the Chinese culture of eras gone.


The temple is in the busier parts of urban Beijing and is, therefore, close to any typical hotel or service apartment in Beijing. The entrances to the park are just a short drive away from places like Ascott Riverside Garden Beijing, for instance. The East Gate is where people usually line up at, to enter the park, but since the crowd always gets bigger over time, using the West Gate might be a good idea since the ticket queues are shorter at the latter gate.

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