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Top Visitor Attractions in Central London – Explore the Majesty of the British Capital

Beating the heart of the British capital, Central London exhibits a great many tourist attractions most of which are historic in nature, providing a unique insight into the British capital.

Big Ben

Iconic to London, Big Ben looms over the city chiming at every hour with its characteristic bells. Despite its popularity and recognition internationally, there is a significant amount of confusion surrounding this symbolic landmark; many are of the view that Big Ben is the name given to the clock tower when in fact Big Ben is in actuality the largest bell that is contained within the tower. Since it does lie within the tower the name Big Ben has been commonly associated with the clock tower. Regardless, the clock tower too is worthy of being admired for the 4 faces that it has makes it the only clock tower of its kind in the world. This majestic clock tower and its bell and has for centuries been considered the emblem of the country. On the 31st of December each year when the clock strikes 12, the sound of Big Bens chiming is broadcast on TV and radio heralding the dawn of a new year. On the 12th strike of the bell fireworks explode in the surrounding area giving the New Year one of the grandest welcomes in the world. Every year on the 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month, Big Ben can also be heard chiming marking the United Kingdom’s Remembrance Day. Completed in the year 1858 the tower celebrated its 150th anniversary on the 31st May, 2009 in a grand celebration.

The Houses of Parliament

As administratively important as it is, the Houses of Parliament in the United Kingdom serve significantly as a tourist attraction for it is historic, grand and passes the laws that uphold the governance of this nation. The British Houses of Parliaments are located in the Palace of Westminster and are made up of two highly prominent names; The House of Commons which is the lower house where members are elected, and the Upper House, the House of Lords, where members are appointed. Exquisitely designed, the parliament of the UK is just as interesting on the outside as it is on the inside. Unlike other tourist attractions in Central London, the Houses of Parliament cannot be so easily accessed mainly for security reasons above all else. If you are however in town during the right time of the year when proceedings are infrequent you may stand a chance to do a thorough exploration of these two exciting houses which you would have many a time witnessed on TV. To avoid disappointment though it is always best to check out the UK parliament website to ensure you can visit the place during your Central London Tour.

St Paul’s Cathedral

The most exquisite building adorning UK’s skyline, the St. Paul’s Cathedral is one of London’s most treasured spiritual assets. Flaunting majestic Baroque architecture, the current version of the Cathedral was constructed by Sir Christopher between 1675 and 1710. It has hosted a number of important events of over the centuries, including royal weddings and royal birthdays. St Paul’s Cathedral is open to sightseers from Monday to Saturday but is open for worship only on Sundays. For those interested in exploring this cathedral and other sites around Central London stay at a centrally located London luxury hotel such as Metropolitan by COMO, London.

Buckingham Palace

Yet another magnificent building in the United Kingdom, Buckingham Palace holds the heart of the nation for it is the residence of her Majesty the Queen of England. One of the most well known Royal residences, the Buckingham Palace is recognized on an international level and to this day enjoys a plethora of visitors year round. Although Buckingham Palace is very much the public face of the British Monarchy, it is also a working establishment where royal duties of all types are administered. Throughout the year the palace hosts a number of formal receptions and banquets held for visiting Heads of State from overseas. The daily Changing of the Guard ceremony at Buckingham Palace is very popular with visitors to Central London.

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