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Why You Should Visit Shanghai – Rediscover the East through China

It is only natural that shopping opportunities come to mind when you think of China’s large bustling city of Shanghai. It’s not a city that came into the limelight after being acclaimed a global financial hub; thousands of years ago also this city which lies on the estuary of the Yangtze River has served its own people and the people of the world. There is plenty of culture, nature and history to go with the modern day advancements in the city. If you happen to have the fortune to be here on vacation or if you want to do some hurried sightseeing while on a business trip ensure that you are booked into Hua Hin Road hotels as they offer great accessibility and convenience.

If you assess the pros of visiting Shanghai purely from a touristic point of view, one cannot forget the entertainment and relaxation afforded by the numerous gardens, theme parks and rejuvenating abodes. A short distance from the famed Ascott Huai Hai Road Shanghai you will find the Yanzhong Guangchang Park and Huaihai Park while you will be thrilled to know that the much loved Disneyland Park is set to open in mid 2016. The spiritual tourist will undoubtedly wish to visit the Jade Buddha temple and those who favour spending their time discovering the past will find the Shanghai Museum located most conveniently within the city limits itself.

All tourists traveling to Shanghai would have been informed of The Bund by someone or the other; it is entirely a touristic destination and offers panoramic views of the townscape. Need more be said if it is where the Huangpu River commences that The Bund ends? Both at night and during the day, people flock to this waterfront, snap photographs, admire the 26 different architectural patterns of buildings that can be seen from across the river, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower and the Shanghai Tower and stroll lazily before heading towards Nanjing Road to shop.

Catalina Forbes is a travel writer who bases her content on many thrilling escapades experienced across the world.

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