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Water Skiing in Bentota -To Ride the Silver Tipped Waves in Glee

Sri Lanka is a land like no other, where beauty lurks in every corner and the smiles of the locals greet you every step of the way. Warmth of the people of the land beautifully compliments the delights that await those who step in to the magical shores that surround the little island and perfect memories are created day in and day out.

The Southern coastal belt of Sri Lanka is one of the more popular destinations among the many tourists who visit the country all year round. The golden beaches that fringe the great blue waters, lying invitingly under the golden Asian sun is indeed an indulgence not to be missed. Out of the little towns that are dotted along the shore in down south, Bentota is a popular destination, given the plethora of luxury resorts in Bentota, such as Avani Bentota, as well as the magnificence of the beauty that is so richly prevalent there.
For those who love to feel the fury of the ocean waves, Bentota offers many options to battle against the winds and tide. With a sunny weather all year round, this place is ideal for swimming, snorkeling, diving as well as water skiing. Many tourists can be seen along the shores, blissfully soaking up the scorching noon day heat as they are lying on their backs and listen to the hoarse voices of the sea, or riding the silver tipped waves of the ocean.

Bentota is favorable for wind surfing from December to March. Hence many water sports fanatics head on down to the little town to have the time of their lives on a ski board as they splash across the polished ocean waves. There are many water sport centers that facilitate the sport while many hotels in the vicinity too provide assistance and equipment needed to engage in the sport with ease and safety. The thrill of riding the beautiful turquoise waves in to the hearts of the ocean to which they lead under the golden noon day sun is bliss and happiness indeed, to those who know the joys of the sport.

Jayani Senanayake is a writer who dabbles in travel and all things exotic. Under the pseudonym of Caliope Sage, she writes of the allures that must simply be discovered.Google+

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