China Science and Technology Museum – A glimpse of modern marvels

With their mission of disseminating knowledge and increasing literacy of the public on science and technology, China’s Science and Technology Museum has packed 16,000 sq m. of its 40,000 sq m. space with over 300 exhibits dealing with subjects ranging from astronautics, energy, communications, material science, mechanics, information technology, robotics, life sciences, environmental science and ancient Chinese technology. Displayed as permanent and short term exhibits they are designed to appeal to a wide an audience as possible.

Established in 1988 the huge facility started off with a series of exhibits featuring historic Chinese technology from astrological devises to the magnetic compass, single span bridge engineering to gunpowder, art of bronze smelting and casting, paper making and printing. In 2000 another series of exhibits were added that dealt with scientific exploration including outer space, science, technology and life and challenges to human development. Exhibits that are drawing crowds are China’s first space capsule, a space exploration system with a spacewalk simulator and a gyroscope, giant models of human body parts, a dinosaur skeleton casting menacing shadows, a full size mockup of a train, a giant diseased lung next to an acrylic column filled with cigarette stubs, a giant AIDS virus next to a videogame featuring a battle to protect the human body, an exhibit on cloning titled Lets Clone Dolly, a series of models of energy generating systems including those of all the known alternative energy technologies and a few that are still being researched. Most of the devices have interactive features giving the public the thrill of having something coming to life at the push of a button.

The museum’s other attractions include daily film shows in their motion, 4D, 3D theaters and the Dome theater that allows the audience to experience some hair raising adventures, education programs and interactive science programs that are widely popular with children. Children are also the target in Science Paradise for Children, a special zone for 3 to 10 year olds housing a giant game of mousetrap, a fun house style wonky room and a hypnotic walkway that leaves visitors dizzy among other interactive exhibits. Children enjoy themselves so much here that persuading them to leave is sometimes a problem.

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