Avenue of Stars – ‘Starry Starry’ Nights & Days!

Hong Kong is known to celebrate the actors and actresses who have helped develop the film industry in the region. One place that recognizes these celebrities and their efforts is the Avenue of Stars. Situated along the scenic Victoria Harbour waterfront, the site offers special recognition to the celebrities of Hong Kong. The project to build the Avenue of Stars was no simple cost. In 1982 a promenade was built along the waterfront and this place was chosen as the ideal location to display the names of celebrities in the country. In 2003 a group named the New World Group spent forty million Hong Kong Dollars to build the site you see today.

The avenue is a major tourist attraction as it overlooks the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront. There are several other entertainment related sites within this location. You can visit the Museum of Art, the Cultural Centre, the Space Museum and the Clock tower.

The Avenue of Stars is much like the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but it has its own unique local touch. When you enter from the Salisbury Garden there is a tall replica of the award that is given to the winners of the Hong Kong Film Awards. As you walk along the 440 metre long promenade you can read and learn more about Hong Kong’s film industry. 100 years of film history has been recorded here and it is inscribed on nine red pillars. There are also several plaques that honour celebrities. Some of them have hand prints of the actors and signatures of the stars set in cement. A tall structure of legendary Bruce Lee is also found here, and he is portrayed in his typical martial arts pose.

The location of the Avenue of Stars is an attraction in itself since it gives a full view of the Victoria Harbour, where you can witness the awe inspiring Symphony of Lights display at night.

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Repulse Bay – The Shallow Waters of the South

The shallow waters off the southern coast of what is now known as Hong Kong gained this name after the British “repulsed” or deterred some pirates who had made themselves comfortable in these waters where they were not welcome. Another historical narration asserts that the name may have been derived from the vessel HMS Repulse, which was docked at the bay at one point in time.
For commercial purposes, the bay was converted into a tourist attraction and the beachfront was extended into the sea artificially to allow more tourists at a time. To bring the swimmers and sea farers to the tip of the south, the bus networks were developed leading to the area that surrounds Repulse Bay, hence some of the oldest bus routes commence from the locality. The area that overlooks the bay and the land adjacent to it remain as some of the expensive blocks of residential land in the country and are sought after by the elite for prestigious purposes.

The Repulse Bay is a small stretch of water that divides the mainland from the Middle Island of Hong Kong, which is bordered on its outer side by the Deep Bay. The cable car line that has been drawn out of the mainland over these bays provides some panoramic views of them from above. The Kwan Yin Shrine and the Longevity Bridge are the highlights of the bay for those who do not indulge in a good swim in the safe waters or a brisk walk on the coarse sandy beach.
The bay is not just a natural beauty bereft of other importance; it was one of the strategic locations used during Hong Kong’s battle in World War II. Many naval craft, including the bay’s name sake, the Repulse, were anchored in the stretch of sea and the Middle Island provided protection and cover from the enemy.
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