Mausoleum of Mao Zedong – Ultimate Tribute for a Worthy Leader

Mao Zedong, a revolutionary leader for the nation of China. He was loved by the people as the man who empowered the peasant and brought socialism to the nation. He was respected above all others and honored as ‘the Great Helsman’. Mao Zedong passed away in 1976 after serving as a leader of China for over 50 long years. The nation mourned his loss profusely and erected a symbol in honor of his life and reign that now stands as the Mausoleum of Mao Zedong.

Located in the center of the Tiananmen Square, the Mausoleum is intriguing in every sense of the word. Within its walls lies the preserved body of Mao himself, permanently displayed in an open coffin.

The Mausoleum was constructed in September 1976, shortly after the death of Mao Zedong. The building itself displays an interesting mix of 1950’s Stalinist architecture with some subtle hints of European and Chinese styles. The largest sector in the building, the memorial hall occupies a total of 57.2 square meters and has a beautiful marble plaque at the entrance with the words ‘”Chairman Mao Memorial Hall”’ engraved on it.

 The tour through the building is more like a procession and it is an opportunity for tourists and locals alike to appreciate the life of this great man and literally pay tribute to his body. Outside the memorial hall there stands a large 3.5 meter marble statue of Mao himself. The body of Mao can be viewed inside the main memorial hall where he can be seen draped to the chest in a hammer – and – sickle flag, lying serenely in a crystal coffin. Since his death in 1976 the body has been kept well preserved by maintaining a very cold temperature in the chamber and preserving it in an underground refrigerator when it is not open for viewing.

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