Poly Art Museum in Beijing – In Touch With The Past

China’s rich history and heritage can be witnessed in the stunning cultural relics of its past which showcase the innovation and creativity that was very much present during its ancient dynasties. One of the best places to see this is at the Poly Art Museum in Beijing which displays a fascinating collection of ceremonial vessels, bronze items and Buddha statues. The museum can be found at New Poly Plaza in the city’s Dongcheng District and those in search of luxury hotels in Beijing from which to visit such attractions can consider Regent Beijing. It is one of the leading 5 star hotels Beijing has to offer and provides easy access to some of the main attractions including the Forbidden City.

Art lovers and history buffs will love a visit to the Poly Art Museum where they can see unique creations dating back to the country’s Bronze Age and the Shang and Zhou dynasties in particular. Apart from bronze works there is also a section here showcasing stone carvings that date back to the Wei and Tang dynasties. As you explore the site make sure to view the four bronze animal heads (tiger, monkey, pig and ox) which were once part of a collection of twelve that adorned the water clock at the Summer Palace.