Exhibiting A Symbol of Chinese Culture – Beijing Chrysanthemum Festival

The capital of China, and one of the world’s most developed cities, is Beijing. This developed metropolis is the hub of China’s political, cultural and economic activities, and is also one of the busiest cities in the world. Although transformed into a modern urban city, Beijing is still a great place to witness traditional culture as it is home to many historic landmarks and museums, and is also the site of many world class cultural events which attract numerous tourists.

An annual festival of Beijing which celebrates a traditional symbol of Chinese culture is the Beijing Chrysanthemum Festival. The Chrysanthemum is a flower which belongs to the family of Asteraceae flowers, which are known for their bright colours and beauty. For centuries the Chinese people have grown Chrysanthemums which has resulted in the flower being closely associated with the culture of China. The Chrysanthemum is also one of the ‘Four Gentlemen’ in Chinese folk art.

Usually celebrated from the end of September to the end of November, the Beijing Chrysanthemum Festival is a colourful and grand affair. The Festival has been celebrated for over 20 years and soon gaining a reputation of being an extremely popular event amongst locals. With the cool autumn breeze blowing this time of year, visitors can really experience a unique festival which displays various species of Chrysanthemums in different sizes and shapes. In parks all over Beijing this festival is celebrated, yet some parks celebrate it grander than the rest. Beihai Park, for example, is one of the most visited parks during the festival as is showcases over 20,000 Chrysanthemums! Zhongshang Park is also a great place to visit during the festival as it had many Chrysanthemum displays and flower shows with other flowers as well. Likewise, Tiantan Park and the Beijing Botanical Garden are also great places to visit during the Beijing Chrysanthemum Festival.

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